Technical Guidelines

Here you can find technical guidelines produced by various development agencies and NGOs concerning Project Cycle Management, the Logical Framework Approach, and other .

Project Cycle Management
Guidelines to Project Cycle Management (European Commission): pdf (3,23 MB)
Tearfund: pdf (912 KB)

Logical Framework Approach
Guidelines DANIDA: pdf (3,68 MB)
Guidelines DFID: pdf

Participatory Methods
Appreciative Inquiry: doc (147 kb)
Outcome Mapping: pdf (1,67 MB)
Most Significant Change: pdf (1,21 MB)

This section presents some documents with indicators that could be relevant for your program:

  • Aid Effectiveness
  • Gender:
  • Education: pdf
  • Health:
  • Millennium Development Goals: pdf (784 kb)
  • Water & sanitation: