Commission Us

Benefit from our tools, capacity, and years of experience.

If you're thinking about providing short-term missions trips and would like to commission us, we'd be glad to hear from you. We're happy to work with charities, churches, companies, community groups or other organizations on:

  • Partnership - selecting and assessing local partner organizations and training key staff in coordinating participatory construction projects and facilitating short-term mission teams.
  • Planning - collaborating with English- or Spanish-speaking partners to conduct a stakeholder consultation process and develop a partner-led, multi-annual and result-oriented program plan, including a Proposal Form, Logical Framework, Budget Plan, and Risk & Benefit Management Plan.
  • Design - collaboratively designing on-field programs that benefit both participants and local communities and align to long-term strategies of the partnership.
  • Preparation - conducting field visits to identify new projects and prepare missions, using a detailed Project Identification Form, Trip Manual and Field Security Plan to ensure relevant projects, quality program delivery, and appropriate risk management.
  • Leadership - screening, training, and developing servant leaders, forming unified and decisive leadership teams, and briefing and debriefing team leaders.
  • Training & follow-up - organizing small- or large-scale training and follow-up events, including a comprehensive pre-field briefing and post-field debriefing of participants.
  • Evaluation - conducting on-field and post-field evaluation involving team leaders and office staff.

We also have various technical tools and water filters for hire and can provide a 24/7 emergency phone line, including management of any incidents that do occur.

E-mail Jan van der Leest, our Project Management Director, to start a discussion on what we can do to help you meet your needs.