Fund a project

If you're interested in funding us, that's great news. 

We have a wide range of proposals that you may consider supporting. Arie Boven, our Institutional Fundraising Manager, would love to hear from you.

What do we offer funding partners?

  • An opportunity to support development programs implemented in cooperation with well-established local organizations.
  • An established track record of donor-compliant implementation of projects funded by UNDP, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and various private foundations.
  • Twenty-five years of experience in financing and implementing construction projects through the involvement of short-term mission teams.
  • Strong ownership: we cover about 70 percent of our operational budget from our own sources.
  • Impact: we deliver concrete results and achieve lasting change for poor and marginalized people.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: we visit our projects at least three times during and after project implementation.
  • Accountability: we're audited annually and accredited by the Central Bureau for Fundraising (CBF), the largest independent accreditation agency for fundraising charities in the Netherlands.

What do we ask from funding partners?

  • Alignment: we do not accept funds from any source which conflicts with our values and principles.
  • Flexibility: we require some flexibility in how we deliver results agreed on.