Children do better at school

Country Sector Project Year
Malawi Education Classrooms in Chamkango 2007


My name is Clara Nyirenda. I'm the mother of Baidan Shaba. He's eight and goes to the school that World Servants supported.

Before World Servants came here, the school did not have enough classrooms. Part of the children had classes outside, under a mango tree. They often ran home when they were tired of it. Baidan came home very often and had to repeat. Now he goes to school on his own initiative. He enjoys the school desks and the fresh colors of the building. I feel good now Baidan is doing better at school and will make it to the next grade.

For me personally, the most significant change is that I now have more time to do things for myself. As parents we always had to repair the school a lot, especially during the rains. We had to pay for these repairs from our own pocket. With the new school, we don't have to worry about that anymore. And with Baidan in school I don't have to watch him so much. Now I can focus more on my work at home and on the field.


My name is Delphin Neba. I'm the head teacher of the school in Chamkango.

I received the World Servants team when they came here in 2007.

Because of the new classrooms they built, the children now like to go to school. They motivate each other. Parents also encourage their children to go to school. Because the new building looks so nice, parents know that this is a good place to learn, so they send their children to school. They see that their children have a chance now and understand how important it is to go to school.

Another significant change is that parents don't have to spend so much time repairing the school. Before they came, we had a temporary building made of wood. It leaked during the rains. The people were very busy during the rains to collect plastic to make the building water-resistant. Because of this, they had less time to work on their fields and make good harvests.

But I think that the most significant change is that children are doing better in school now. Because the teachers do not have to send the children home when it rains, the children spend more hours in class. This has reduced the drop-out. As teacher I see the children grow and develop. Their grades are getting better and the number of children that get selected into secondary school increases. It is a good school now.

7 Augustus 2010