Cleaner Toilets

Country Sector Project Year
Ecuador Basic water supply Water system in La Gloria 2005


My name is Marisa Conde. I live in La Gloria, a village in Esmeraldas.

In 2005, a group of volunteers from World Servants came to our village, to help constructing a water system. During the project, I worked in the kitchen.

When the World Servants team came, it was great. For four years, our community had applied for support from the government, but each time our request was rejected. When World Servants came, they did not only bring all the materials there we needed, but also an enthusiastic group.

Before the project, I had a basin to use for washing, but had to collect the water myself. I spent a lot of time to do the laundry and to wash myself, because I had to use different places. And I could not keep plants, because I did not have enough water.

Now with the water system, I have more water. Now I can keep plants, which I use for medicine. I also have a toilet, and it is easier to keep it clean. The quality of the water is also better. The water we use now comes from a deep and not from the ground.

The most significant change for me is the personal hygiene. Clean water is better for your health. Before the project the children often had worms and spots on their skin. Before I used the same water multiple times, because I had to walk far to get new water. Now I clean with chloride and throw the water away after I've used it. In this way everything gets much cleaner.


My name is Rosa Orellana. I am 60 years old and I live in La Gloria, a small village situated at a ten-minute drive from the main road between Quito and Esmeraldas. I was born in Quenca, but twenty-two years ago I followed my husband when he moved to this village. We moved because in this area the ground is better for planting. I work in the house, but I also have a job, in which I work in the house of a woman in another village.

In 2005 a group of World Servants came to La Gloria to make a water system. I saw the World Servants a lot, because I was the cook during the project.

Before the water system was build, we used a deep to get water. I would take a bag of cloths and go 20 meters down to wash them with water from the deep. Because of this heavy work, I injured my shoulder permanently. The work also took a lot of time. Getting water for the house, cleaning the house and cooking took me 5 hours a day.

Now there is a well up in the mountains and a tank in the village. The water comes through a pipe, from which we can tap. I have water in the house how, in the winter every day and in the summer two days a week.

My housekeeping and cooking work now only takes me 2 hours to complete. I use the water for different purposes now: to clean the house, to wash clothes, and to give water to my plants.

The extra time saved by using the water system I use to help my husband harvesting the cacao. We have four hectares of land. Especially when the cacao production is up, in October till December, there is more work then my husband can handle. I can help him now, so together we can harvest more.

Due to the World Servants project, the community is more close now. They need to work together to keep the tank clean. There is a water commission that meets ones a month.

For me, the most significant change is that we now have water for the toilet. Before the project, the toilet had no water. Now, with more water, we can flush and clean the toilet. Having water for the toilet is important for me, because a clean toilet is important for the health of my family.

23 July 2009