Drinking water more accessible

Country Sector Project Year
Haiti Education Water basin in Atrel 2009


My name is Eminal Thomas and I'm 45. I'm married and I have 10 children, aged between two and twenty. I'm the director of this school

When the World Servants team came here in 2007, I was here. It was special for us to have the privilege of welcoming the team here. It was the first time that such a team came to our village, and also integrated into the community. We built together and that was unforgettable for us.

After the project, clean drinking water has become much more accessible. First we had to walk an hour before the nearest water point, in Passe Katabwa. This took a lot of time and energie. Now there is water in our own village. The time and energy that people save, they can use for other things. After school the children have more time to study. Because there is sufficient water at the school, the children have water to drink when they are thirsty. This improves their ability to concentrate on their school work.

The most significant change for me is that the grades in the school have improved. As the director of the school, I can really notice this. And I'm proud of it!


My name is Gina Jean. I'm 28 years old and live in Puit Cousin. My husband and I have four children, aged nine, seven, five, and two.

Before the water basin was built, it was hard to find water. Water is very scarce in this area. The nearest well is an hour away from here, in Passe Katabwa. Now that we have water in our own village, it is easier for us to get water. Because of this, I have more time to work on our land.

The most significant change for me is that we now have a water basin that is both close by and well-built. During the hurricane, many sources of water were destroyed. The only place in this area where there was still clean drinking water, was our own water basin!


I'm Geffrard Kevin and I'm ten years old. I go to school here in Puit Cousin. My favorite subject is math. I'm not very good at it yet, but I study hard.

The project has made it easier to collect water. Every day after school I collect water for my whole family. Now I don't have to walk so far anymore.

Another significant change is that we have a storage room for food. Now we get a school meal every day. From the World Food Program. This is very important. Usually I get to eat at home in the morning, but that's not enough for the whole day. A good meal at school gives me more energy and helps me to concentrate better at school.


My name is Lovely Josef. I'm a twenty year old student from Port-au-Pain. Originally I hail from Puit Cousin. My family still lives here.

When the World Servants team came here to build, I was in Port-au-Pain. So I haven't seen them, but I've heard a lot about the project.

When I came back, after the water basin had been built, I immediately noticed a change. Before the project we had to walk far to collect water. Now it is closer and much easier. The time and energy that I save, I can use for other things. For doing the dishes, for example. Or for giving water to the plants.

But the most significant change for me is that I now have more time to study. This makes me perform better in school, which gives me a better chance at becoming a nurse. Because that's what I want in the future.