Local government more involved

Country Sector Project Year
Bolivia Education Classrooms in Montero 2001


My name is Mamani Coronado. I'm 27 and work at the primary school in Montero, where I teach the higher grades.

Before the World Servants project, I taught at a school made of mud. In the winter it was very cold and when it rained the roof leaked. The rain also spoiled the materials we keep in the school. When we had bad weather, parents kept their children at home, because they were afraid that their children might get sick through the rain or cold. The poor conditions of the school made it difficult for the children to concentrate on their class work, while the children that absenteed themselves a lot, also got behind.

The Parent-Teacher Association was very concerned about the situation and asked Don Florencio for help. He involved World Servants and then in 2001 a team came to build three classrooms. World Servants also provided a desk, chairs, and other learning and teaching materials.

Because I can now teach in classrooms made of brick, the quality of education has improved. The children are better able to concentrate themselves. The school has more capacity in terms of the number of students it can serve. Another change is that children are now less inclined to remain at home and skip school days.

The most significant change for me is that the new school has also paved the way for more involvement of the local government in our community. World Servants has build three classrooms and through their engagement the government has build two more classrooms.


My name is Ricardo Arty Mercado. I'm 25 years and head teacher of the primary school in Montero.

In 2001, World Servants came to build three new classrooms. Before that, the school was in bad condition, so teachers did not want to teach here. The new classrooms, build on the place where the old building was, keep the rain and the wind out. In this way, the children can go to school in any whether condition. The school is a much more attractive place for teachers and students. Now teachers love to teach here. And not only teachers and students are using the classrooms, but also the parents. The school is now the central meeting place of the community.

I agree with Mamani that the most significant change is that the coming of World Servants has put pressure on the government. Because World Servants supported us with three classrooms, the government felt pressured to also do something for the community and invest in education here. As a result, the government has commissioned the construction of two more classrooms, a toilet building, and an office for me as the head teacher.

27 July 2010