What we do

Our mission is to mobilize people to change the world through serving.

We mobilize people by organizing short-term mission trips. Our mission teams work together with local communities to realize construction projects. In this way, we support the work of local partner organizations.

Short-term mission trips
We provide opportunities for young people and adults in the Netherlands to put their faith into action by participating in a short-term mission trip. We also help churches, companies, non-profits, and schools to actively involve their respective constituencies through custom-made missions aimed at church engagement, employee engagement, donor engagement or student engagement.

Construction projects
Through our short-term mission teams, we assist basic service providers in developing countries in financing and implementing much-needed construction projects, such as classroom blocks, clinics, staff houses, sanitary unites, and other basic community infrastructure.

Partner support
We provide our partner organizations advanced management support in planning and financing sustainable development programs.

Want to serve with us? Make a donation, fund a project or join forces with us.