Partner Support

To serve others requires both motivation and capacity. Our Northern and Southern partners certainly don't lack motivation, but often they lack capacity or access in certain areas. We address such challenges by providing them with financial, technical or material support.

We support three types of partners:

  1. Strategic partners. We help other organizations to recruit participants from their own constituency. We may also contribute match funds required for a grant application. 
  2. Fee-paying partners. We offer material and administrative support to social actors planning to organize their own mission-related trips. 
  3. Field partners. We manage grants on behalf of our field partners. We may also finance much-needed vehicles and equipment. 

We support partners through thre following processes:

  1. Identification. We work with existing Northern or Southern partners to identify new partners. Partners are selected based on how well they support our mission to change the world through serving. We assess the quality of their development program, as well as things like their Christian identity, operational capacity, and affinity with facilitating short-term mission trips. In order to ensure that funds are used responsibly, we also look at their financial accountability.
  2. Agreement. We make a custom-made agreement with each partner. We agree about a division of tasks and fees paid to the field partner for facilitating our teams or fees paid by the strategic partner for services provided by us. With field partners, we begin a new partnership with a two-year pilot trajectory. In a kind of an internship, the new partner visits one of our established field partners to learn how we implement projects with short-term mission teams. Then we try-out one or two projects and asses the partner's performance.
  3. Programming & fundraising. We work with our field partner to develop a multi-annual program plan, which includes the construction projects that we’re going to support in the coming 4 years as well as other activities that enhance the effectiveness of the construction projects. We use the multi-annual program plan as input for proposal writing and work together with the partner to raise funds for our joint activities.  
  4. Monitoring & capacity building. Our project managers and specialized volunteers visit field partners annually to monitor project implementation and to provide management assistance in the areas of strategy, financials, procurement, ICT, projects, and programs. 
  5. Evaluation & phase-out. At the end of each agreement, we evaluate the partnership and decide whether or not we will continue. With field partners, an existing partnership ends with a two-year phase-out trajectory.