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YfCSR 2014 Youth Southern Africa
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2015 - 2017 Youth € 85.000  

Youth for Christ Southern Region (YfCSR) is a non-denominational and not-for-profit organization with a focus of reaching young people in Southern African communities and nations and around the world, presenting them with the person, work and teachings of Jesus Christ, disciplining them, and connecting them with local churches. YfCSR covers the following nations: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Young people are reached by more than 400 staff and over 30 outreach programmes.

YfCSR is committed to disciplining young people in every area of life, including social development. It seek to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus, who are lead by a passion for sharing the love of Christ and a commitment to social involvement. To develop the "social involvement" aspect of its mission, YfCSR has asked World Servants Netherlands to support them in establishing their own World Servants ministry. This is done through a partnership between World Servants Netherlands (WSN), Youth for Christ Southern Region (YfCSR), Youth for Christ South Africa (YfCSA), and Youth for Christ Lesotho (YfCL). 

Building on previously established contacts, these four youth organizations will organize four short-term mission trips, in which a total of 130 Dutch and Southern African young people will participate directly. The purpose of each mission trip is to promote young people's active participation in society. This is achieved through small-scale construction projects that benefit community-based (youth) organizations in South Africa, such as a Disability Center. Dutch and Southern African project participants are actively involved in volunteering and develop their intercultural communication and cooperation skills, while at the same time benefiting youth with fewer opportunities than themselves. In this way, the project works two ways, benefiting both the young people implementing the project and the young people served through the facility constructed. 

Based on the good practices already developed by WSN, as well as the lessons learned through the first three short-term mission trips, a manual will be prepared for professionals and volunteer trip leaders involved in short-term mission trips in which both European and African participants take part, in particular those aimed at jointly realizing construction projects. This manual will be presented during the final mission trip and disseminated throughout the Youth for Christ network in Southern Africa and beyond.   

The activities of this program will benefit marginalized and vulnerable youth, such as out-of-school youth and young people with disabilities.