Partner Since Sector Region
MCCH 2003 Sustainable livelihoods Manabí
Program period Beneficiaries Total costs Room for funding
2014 - 2017 750 small business owners € 1.257.000 € 770.750

Maquita Cushunchic Comercializando como Hermanos (MCCH) is a private foundation founded in 1985 at the initiative of the Ecclesiastical Communities of South Quito. The mission of MCCH is to serve people and communities in Ecuador that operate in economic sectors with few financial resources.  The Head Office of MCCH is located in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. MCCH is recognized by the International Fair Trade Association IFAT.

We work with MCCH to implement a joint livelihood program aimed at improving the realization of cacao producers' right to gainful employment. Through technical assistance and the construction of cacao processing centers and water systems, the program seeks to contribute to the establishment of a social and sustainable economy in Ecuador.

This program will benefit 750 cacao producer in Manabí, aged between 30 and 65 years, including 450 male and 300 female producers. They will benefit from an increase in the number of harvests per year, the quantity of cacao per harvest, and the value that they add to the harvested cacao.

An evaluation of the projects we've implemented with MCCH between 2004 and 2010 concluded that water supply projects and education projects contributed most to the improvement of living conditions in Esmeraldas, while the construction of community centers contributed least to this objective.