Maintaining our engagement.

Why Asia?
The Asian continent is developing fast. It includes fast growing economies such as India and China. The Indian government no longer accepts development aid from Western donors and China is becoming one of the larger donors itself. Other Asian countries are also developing quickly and countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia are on their way to becoming middle-income countries. Still some Asian countries are lacking behind, such as the Philippines, Afghanistan, and especially Bangladesh.

Where in Asia?
We started operating in Asia in 1990. Our first and only Asian project country was India. Unfortunately we were forced to discontinue our work there in 2012. As we are eager to maintain our engagement in Asia, we've been looking for new project countries in Asia. For World Servants, however, Asia is a difficult continent, either in terms of flight distances (for example, the Solomon Islands or the Philippines), altitude (Nepal), or security (Afghanistan). That's why we feel blessed to have found a new partner in Bangladesh.