Partner Since Sector Region
CSS 2014 Health Khulna
Program period Beneficiaries    
2015 - 2018 200 young women    

Christian Service Society (CSS) is one of  the oldest and most renowned development organization working in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1972, right after the independence of Bangladesh in the year before. The Head Office is located in Khulna, where CSS has the largest intervention areas. Presently, CSS is operating multi-sectoral programs, including interventions in economic development, education, health, and relief & rehabilitation.

CSS runs the Rev. Abdul Wadud Memorial Hospital at the outskirts of Khulna city. The hospital provides comprehensive medical services to the rural and disadvantaged people of the southern regions of Bangladesh. Within the AWM hospital complex, CSS has started to run a government accredited Nursing Institute to meet the growing demand for technical professionals in the health sector. WSN will assist CSS is the construction of classrooms, student accomodation, and a kitchen and dinning hall.

This program will benefit young women aged between 16-20 studying at the Nursing Institute. There will be room for 50 students per batch. With a 4-year curriculum this amounts to 200 students per year. Poor students from rural areas are given the priority in the admission process of the institute. After their graduation, students can get a job in the AWM hospital or other hospitals in the country.

So far, 40 nurses got training at the institute. In 2013, seventeen students graduated after completing their internship and joined at the AWM hospital.