Partners Since Sector Region
ICCO, Edukans 2011 Civic Engagement All regions
Program period Beneficiaries Total costs Donor
2011 - 2015 64.000 citizens € 998.525 MinBuZa

In the Netherlands, we cooperate with ICCO and Edukans, two Dutch development organizations that also organize short-term mission trips. In 2011, we jointly initiated Changemaker Netherlands.

Changemaker is a civic engagement program targeting young people aged between 16 and 25 who have been on a short-term mission trip. At an annual Changemaker Festival, those coming home from a mission trip are challenged to find out what they can do locally with their global experience. We also organize traineeships, in which young people receive training and coaching as they launch their own local initiative.

Changemaker seeks to benefit 64.000 citizens who are members of civic institutions and companies outside the area of international cooperation. The program aims to increase their engagement with international cooperation by establishing sustainable initiatives in area of international cooperation at schools, churches, charities, and companies across the Netherlands.

In 2009, the Evangelical Mission Alliance (EZA) evaluated the impact of short-term missions on participants, including 200 participants from World Servants. EZA found that our short-term missions have a demonstrable effect on participants. Half of the respondents reported a positive effect on faith engagement, including trust in God, prayer life, Bible reading, and active involvement with a local congregation. About 45 percent changed their attitude towards development cooperation positively. Half of the respondents reported a positive effect on "servanthood".