Who we are

We're a Christian ministry, a movement, and non-profit organization.

Christian Ministry
Our story began in 1988 when Joop van der Meer founded World Servants Netherlands (WSN) as a Christian ministry dedicated to changing the world through serving. Learn more about our vision.

World Servants is not just an organization, but a movement of servanthood. Worldwide there are 3 international offices. In the Netherlands, we have more than 30 local groups and our team is supported by 400 volunteers. Learn more about our movement.

Non-profit organization
World Servants Netherlands is a small-size non-profit organization with 16 staff members and € 2,7 million in annual expenses. Our office is based and legally established in the Netherlands. Here we have a tax-exempt status and meet the standards of the Central Bureau for Fundraising (CBF). Learn more about our financials.

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