Administrative data

Official name Stichting World Servants Nederland
Abbreviation WSN
Visit address Industrieweg 12C
Postal code 8471 AD
Place Wolvega
Country Netherlands
Phone 00 31 561 614857
Fax 00 31 561  617602
Legal type Non-profit, non-government
Legal form Private foundation
Registration number 41003183
Country of registration Netherlands
Place of registration Groningen
Date of registration 15 July 1988
Tax & business  
Tax status tax-exempt
VAT identification number NL0089.18417.001
DUNS number 41-129-4296
Bank name Triodos Bank
Bank Identifier Code TRIONL2U
Type of account Euro account
IBAN Code NL39 TRIO 0338 4163 31
Account holder Jan Bosman
Position Administrator/CEO
Value basis Faith-based
Direction Christian: evangelical
Objectives (1) to contribute to the development of people, both nationally and internationally, (2) to stimulate involvement with and participation in short-term missions trips, and (3) to provide support and services to legal persons aiming for a similar objective.
Domestic target groups Adults, young people, women, students
Foreign target groups Community-based organizations, educational organizations, educational professionals, health organizations, health professionals, non-profit organizations, development professionals
Beneficiaries Children, people with disabilities, illness-affected people, indigenous people, women, people living in rural and remote places
Recipients 218: South Africa, 238: Ethiopia, 241: Ghana, 253: Malawi, 272: Sierra Leone, 288: Zambia, 347: Guatemala, 349: Haiti, 428: Bolivia, 440: Ecuador, 666: Bangladesh
Type of flow 30: private NGO and other private sources
Type of finance 100: grants
Type of aid CO1: Project-type interventions
  D01 & 02: Donor country personnel and other technical assistance
  H01: Development awareness
Sectors 111 20: Education facilities and training
  122 20: Basic health infrastructure
  140 31: Basic drinking water supply
  140 32: Basic sanitation
  151 50: Strengthening civil society
  160 00: Other social infrastructure
  920 00: Support to NGOs
  998 30: Promotion of development awareness
Governance Two-tiered model
Board members 5
Employees 16 (for a total of 12 FTE)
Volunteers 400 (see calculation)
Offices 1
Local groups 30

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