Our Board

We're governed by a 5-member supervisary board.

Nature of the Supervisory Board
Our Supervisory Board consist of a group of people with varying professional backgrounds who serve the organization without compensation. Under Dutch law, the Supervisory Board must be independent of the Board of Management and the Executive Team. This means that members of the Supervisory Board can neither be Board of Management members, Executive Committee members, nor employees of the organization.

Roles of the Supervisory Board
Acting in the interest of the organization and taking into account the interests of the organization’s stakeholders, the Board supervises the Executive Committee in performing its management tasks. The Supervisory Board has a number of specific, statutory tasks, such as appointment of the Members of the Board of Management, approval of the WSN strategy and policy, and monitoring of the organization’s charitable, financial and administrative performance.

Members of the Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board comprises five independent voting members, including a chairman, secretary, treasurer, and two regular members. Members resign according to a schedule set by the Board. New members are appointed by the existing board members and nominees must fit within the profile determined by the Supervisory Board.

The current members of the Supervisory Board are:

Name Profession Function Nationality On the board since
Mr. Bram Tack Reverend Minister Chair Netherlands 2012
Mr. van Gert Ramhorst Financial Director Treasurer Netherlands 2012
Mrs. Anja Haga State Senator Secretary Netherlands 2012
Mrs. Bettie van Noorloos Educationalist Member Netherlands 2013
Mr. Jeroen van der Geest General Manager Member Netherlands 2013