Our Faith-based Activities

Faith in the Gospel translates into concrete faith-based activities at World Servants Netherlands.

Stage Programs
In May, we gather about 500 participants at a summer camp in Heino to prepare them for their mission trips. In September, we reunite them again to follow-up on their mission trip. At both events there are stage programs at various moments, with praise & worship, corporate prayer, and a Christian speaker.

Good Morning Conversations
Each of our mission teams is divided into small groups that meet every morning before the construction work starts. We call these meetings Good Morning Conversations, because this is the place where we take time to say good morning, inquiry how people are doing, share something from the Bible, and pray for one another.

Children's Ministry
On construction days, our short-term mission teams organize a children's program to keep children away from the construction site and to communicate to them they are loved. The program includes Christian and secular songs, a story from the Bible, a related craft, and a game. In communities that object to an explicitly Christian message, we do not refer to Jesus Christ. Children are free to attend or not.

Women's and Youth Ministry
In project communities where gender inequality is a relevant issue, we organize a women's program called You are Queens. In communities where life skills among youth is an issue, we conduct a life skills program called The Voice of Truth.

Prayer Support
Our office staff gathers each morning to pray for our work, our teams and the work they do, our partners, and the communities they serve.