Our partners

We build change together with our partners.

Associate partners
We're a member of Prisma, an association of 18 Protestant development organizations in the Netherlands. Through Prisma, we are co-owner and member of the ICCO Cooperation, a cooperation comprised of Prisma, Edukans, and the Protestant Church Netherlands. As members of the cooperation, we work together, not just in the Netherlands, but also in developing countries. This is done through national alliances of local counterparts as well as regional offices.

Funding partners
We've a preferred partner position with the Wild Geese Foundation (Wilde Ganzen), which supports most of our construction projects through a premium. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports our education programs in Ghana and Malawi. It also supports our Changemaker program.

Strategic partners
We've developed strategic partnerships on participant recruitment with Help a Child (Red een kind), Word & Deed (Woord & Daad), and the Salvation Army (Leger des Heils). We also partner with various churches, which recruit entire teams for our work.

Field partners
We don't have field offices. We work exclusively through field partners, local organizations with their own development programs. Visit the section on where we work to learn more about our field partners.