Our Staff

There's 14 of us, employed for 12 Full-time Equivalent (FTE).

WSN management is in the hands of its Executive Committee, which comprises of the statutory managing director and senior executives. Senior executives are appointed by the General Director/CEO. Their role consists of advising the General Director, who bears final responsibility for governing and managing the organization. The General Director is appointed by the Supervisory Board. In Fiscal Year 2011, our General Director earned € 59.460. This is in line with national guidelines for the compensation of directors.

Staff departments
Led by the Executive Committee, WSN staff is organized in four departments: operations, marketing, training & development, and project management.

  • The Operations Department takes responsibility for office management, participant administration, financial administration, personnel management, and ICT.
  • The Training & Development Department is responsible for recruiting and training team leaders, organizing preparation and homecoming events, and developing resource materials.
  • The Marketing Department takes responsibility for corporate communications, participant recruitment, and private fundraising.
  • The Project Management Department is responsible for partner relations, project cycle management, field security, tools & equipment, and institutional fundraising.