Our Volunteer Teams

We'd be nothing without our volunteers.

World Servants Netherlands is not just a professional organization, but also a volunteer organization. We'd be nothing without the 400 volunteers involved in every area of our operations. Here you can see what kind of volunteer teams we have, what they do, and how many volunteers are involved in making that happen.

Name Number Task
Children's Ministry Team 40 Lead the children's programs and create instructions and tips for preparing and delivering the children's program.
Creative Team 7 Create and perform the stage programs at our large-scale events: the preparation weekend and home-coming festival.
Cultural Team 40 Coordinate cultural exchange activities and trains new cultural exchange leaders.
Events Team 50 Coordinate, support and facilitate our large-scale events.
Local Groups Team 30 Lead our local groups.
Heads of Mission Team 40 Head our mission teams and train new Heads of Mission on how to lead their team.
Medical Team 45 Provide medical care to participants, instructs new participants about health issues, train new medical leaders, and advise team leaders in case of incidents.
Office Team 5 Provide administrative support at the office.
Pastoral Team 40 Develop small group materials and organize evening programs. Train new pastoral leaders.
Production Team 10 Operate backstage to make the light, sound, internet, and screens work.
Set-up Team 25 Conduct field visits to identify new projects, prepare upcoming mission trips, and monitor project results.
Technical Team 40 Coordinate the construction work, in close cooperation with the local contractor. Train new technical leaders and instruct participants about safety issue.
Trainers Team 15 Train team leaders and participants.
Website Team 15 Design and maintain our website: content, images, technical. Edit our annual brochure.
Total 400